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    Swing Door
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    Swing Door Features
  • Swing doors are intended to provide clean rooms by preventing air from coming in through the undersides of doors, thanks to the completely sealed joining part.
  • It is easy to remove dust off swing doors.
  • Swing doors are effective in keeping air from penetrating the door and highly hygienic.
  • Swing doors are mostly used in computer rooms, laboratories and offices.
  • Swing doors are impact resistant, easy to open and close and almost permanent as they are light in weight and use round gaskets.
  • The injected roller freely rolls along the track, allowing the door to open and close smoothly.
  • Swing doors have a standard assembly structure, so they can be disassembled if needed.
  • Swing doors do not easily break as they are resistant to abrasions and damages.
  • Swing doors are available in various options and can be installed in any settings.
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    Hangar Door
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    Hangar Door Features
  • Hangar doors are light in weight and run smoothly.
  • Hangar doors are highly insulating and sound proof.
  • Hangar doors are used in refrigerated and normal warehouses as well as factories.