EPS Sandwich panel

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    Expanded Polystyren / EPS PANEL

EPS panels are affordable all-in-one assembly insulated panels that combine hot dip galvanized steel sheets, which are highly robust, durable and weather

proof due to silicone polyester coating, and expanded polystyrene (interior filler) that is self-extinguishing and fire retardant.

ESP panels are highly robust and light in weight, making construction possible with minimal manpower within a short period of time, which leads to reduced construction expenses.

They are highly energy-efficient as they are 21.5% more insulating than red bricks and save energy used for cooling and heating by more than 30%. Additionally, they are highly resistant to corrosion, weather and are extremely processable. They are widely used for prefabricated buildings.

We offer a variety of panels such as standard wall panels, standard roof panels, RP panels and marble wall panels, all according to your needs.

As the EPS panel is formed of a building structure, it has high strength and is lightweight, so it shortens the air with a minimum number of people, reducing construction costs and insulation, especially 21.5% of red bricks.
It is a high-efficiency energy-saving product that can save more than 30% of cold and difficulty, and is widely used as a prefabricated building material due to its excellent corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and processability and economy.
Depending on the TYPE and application of the product, there are general wall panels, general roof panels, RP panels, marble wall panels, etc.

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    Features / Specifications
  1. EPS panels are available in various colors and patterns, tailored towards the buildings function, features, and tastes.
  2. EPS panels are cost-effective as they do not require separate finishing materials.
  3. As a bonded self-supporting structure, it is highly robust and extremely durable.
  4. Can keep clean just by using water, making for a sanitary environment.
  5. EPS panels are standard assembly products, so they save time and costs in construction.
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